Royal Arrows Kids


  1. This Children Ministry is called as ROYAL ARROWS KIDS, which is a ministry to teach and guide the children in HIS WAY whom God loves with His love and passion.
  2. The objective of this ROYAL ARROWS KIDS Ministry are :
    1. To teach and guide each children to understand the love of Christ and to walk in His way according to the Words given in Bible.
    2. To instill biblical values and develop the characters of Christ in the children by firstly setting a good role example of Christ like character among teachers.
  3. Below are some of the rules and regulations in order to ensure all things will be in the right coordination.

Duty Roster

  1. New Duty Roster will be prepared by Leader monthly, which will be put up last week of the month before the beginning of a new month.
  2. All teachers and assistants who are assigned to the duty must be present for duty as allocated unless valid reason is given to Leader for the absence which is at least a week before. Any emergency shall be informed as early as possible so that it will not affect the duty on the exact day.
  3. Everyone who is on duty MUST be present at least 45 Minutes earlier to ensure the Royal Arrows room is ready and all materials are well prepared before any services.

Teacher’s Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Prior to the duty week, Teacher is responsible of preparing the teaching materials and discuss with the assistance of the activities that will be needed for the Sunday school.
  2. Teacher is responsible of teaching according to the topic that has been allocated for the week and ensuring that the children understand the teaching.
  3. Teacher is mainly responsible for the discipline of the children during the Sunday school. This may mean that even before, during and after Sunday school service until the children are safe in their parents care after the Sunday school service.
  4. Teacher is responsible to report the well being of the children verbally as well as writings to the Leader in order to keep track of the growth of the children in our Sunday school. The teacher must be able to communicate with parents about the well being of their children whenever necessary.
  5. Teacher is responsible for the cleanliness of the classroom or any area that has been used. Any need of the classroom and children can be informed to the Leader so the needs can be prepared for effective teaching.

 Teacher’s Assistant’s (TA) Roles and Responsibilities

  1. TA is mainly responsible to assists the Teacher needs in order to ensure that the class goes smoothly and efficiently.
  2. TA is responsible mainly of preparing GAMES for the children. There will be a need of at least 1 game and mostly 2 games, which will include Bibles Games and Games for recreation purpose.
  3. TA shall be always there to assist the needs of the teacher and the children such as the guidance to write or read and going to washroom.
  4. TA also helps to ensure children are paying attention during teaching and the discipline of the children in and out of the classrooms.
  5. TA shall be able to cooperate well with teachers and communicate issues of children if there is any to the teacher so that teacher can inform the Leader and Parents.

Serving Heart


  1. Both Teachers and Teacher’s Assistants are required to set a good role example to the children by leading a Christ like life whom practices biblical values and the way of righteousness according to the teachings of the Bible.
  2. All should have a serving heart that serves and loves the children as God does and have a passion to teach children. Passion and commitment to serve in this ministry as love to serve Christ are highly valued virtues in order to glorify the His Kingdom.
  3. All should also be prayerful and always pray for the other fellow teachers and students.

Prepared by,

Shekinah Jael Ho

( Children Ministries Dept)